Panbaltica: What do we offer?

Examples of travel services in the Baltics

Choirs? Have you heard about the Baltic Song Festivals or The Old Town Days? We can help your choir to come and participate in e.g. The Old Town Days. We know suitable places for concerts that we can recommend for both church and secular choirs.

Farmers? Do you want to know how the Latvian farmer's life was during Soviet rule or taste the homemade cheese of Lithuanian milk farmers? We help you to find your collegues in the Baltics.

Bankers? How about joining business and fun? Conference in Tallinn, Riga or Vilnius at local prices - then you also have money left for enjoying a gourmet dinner or a cabaret-show.

IT? Do you want to know more about Estonia's innovative IT-projects such as E-Government or paying for parking via your mobile phone?

Company outing? Incentive groups are our favorites, the medieval old town centers in the Baltic countries are the perfect surroundings for incentive arrangements. Or how about trying your shooting skills at a genuine Soviet military base? We ensure an active and fun programme. We help to "break the ice" and enhance the team-feeling of your staff.

Co-operation between local self-governments? You have found or want to find a twin city to carry out a common project with? We can help at all steps - starting when you choose the city, (we have a comprehensive database containing existing connections between the Baltics and other countries) and continuing with organizing the actual visit, including meetings, accommodation, transport, and an interpretor in your language.

School journeys and co-operation? School journeys vary - not only in destinations but also in contents. We can organize "tourist" journeys, where the pupils just are going to have fun, but we are eager to contribute also to the parts of the trip connected to the subjects taught at school. We can include visits in the program, relevant for just your pupils' age group, your school and your interests. Such a visit might be the start of a long-term co-operation between schools in different countries.

NGOs - international contacts? Often it's establishing the first contact that is most difficult. An e-mail might remain unanswered, because the address is wrong or the receiver hasn't the necessary language skills or someting else just goes wrong. We get the obstacles away and the communication going. We can organize the first meetings with potential partners. Our wide network among local NGOs, political parties, interest groups etc. makes it possible for us to link you to the people you have most in common with.

Religious organisations and associations? We have several years of experience in organizing travel for different religious communities. We can assure that a trip to the Baltics will be more than a pilgrimage to buildings and places, it will also include meetings with local people sharing the same faith, or even meetings with local religious communities with their own specific character.

Investments in the Baltics? In addition to organizing study trips to Baltic companies within your field (woodprocessing, textiles or whatever it might be) we can also organize lectures on the business climate in general. It could be about the revolutionary tax system in Estonia, where you only pay company tax when you take capital out of the company.

Through us you can in addition to the travel programme order:

  • ferry tickets for Tallink and Silja Line (we are online with Tallink)
  • transport services in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
  • reserve hotel or camping. We find a place suitable just for your needs
  • guide in English or another language
  • we can also organize bustransport or flight tickets from your home-country to the Baltics